The Sustainco project aims to increase the visibility and understanding of the Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) philosophy, with special emphasis on rural areas. This will be done by providing easy access to practical information on how to build or retrofit buildings to reach NZEB standards. SustainCo also aims to increase the visibility of front-runners, for both new-build and retrofits, with the aim of capacity- and confidence-building in the public sector. To find out more, check out our Toolkits and case studies, which you will find in the menu to the right. This Project ended in April 2015 - the website will be updated if necessary up until 2017.


Main Results

of the Project:
  • Tools

    Technical and Financial toolkits have been created to help with the planning and construction of NZEB buildings

  • Practice

    There are 40 elaborated case studies - showing best practice in how to achieve NZEB - from seven countries

  • Events

    Over 30 organized NZEB events and workshops in seven countries. Over 40,000 email, telephone and face-to-face NZEB related enquirers registered in seven countries

  • Pilots

    13 NZEB feasibility studies produced. 28 PILOT PROJECTS COMPLETED IN SEVEN COUNTRIES