About Us

We live in a world hungry for energy, unfortunately, the majority of the production of energy involves the burning of fossil fuels. This, in turn, harms the planet, to the point where the temperature of the world has risen significantly in the last decade, causing irreversible damage and change.

SustainCo.Info was made to inspire young minds and encourage skilled people to aspire a better tomorrow through stories of groundbreaking discoveries and interesting ideas. Educating professionals like electricians in alternative energy to lead more to a greener future.

Pushing practical green energy technology to become the main source of energy production on earth is one of the main goals, as their clean energy is the only way to maintain our current lifestyle while still giving the next generation a world to inherit.

From the simplest green energy technology like the windmill to the more advance cold fusion reactor, we discuss all the possibilities of a future powered by clean energy. Informing the world of the alternative to fossil fuel while at the same time giving young minds the direction of what technology to concentrate in for a better tomorrow.

We believe that the only way to battle climate change is through education, by becoming examples for the younger generation, we point them in a better direction. Allowing them to create a world where we no longer depend on fossil fuels.

The current generation is, unfortunately, addicted to fossil fuel energy. While we know that it is doing everyone harm we just can’t stop using it. We are informed but unable to change, the next generation still has enough youth and determination to tapper-off and start making real changes.

While we prepare the little ones for the big job, we do our part by educating them and slowly putting in the green foundation where they will build from.